The open source vehicular network simulation framework.

Instant Veins Virtual Machine

Instant Veins is a virtual machine you can use to quickly try out Veins or to run Veins on systems you do not have administrative access to.

It is distributed as a single-file virtual appliance, ready for one-click import into software like Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMware Workstation Player, or any software supporting the Open Virtualization Format.

The following three minute long video demonstrates how to import and run Instant Veins. Note that the first 30 seconds show optional configuration of the virtual machine for better performance and in preparation for installing the VirtualBox guest utilities via a virtual CDROM.

If you want to run the machine in fullscreen mode, use clipboard synchronization, enable drag-and-drop copying of files, etc. you might need to install such guest utilities following the instructions of your virtualization software. For a quick trial these steps can safely be ignored.

The computer in this video is running Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra and has Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.2.8 installed. The virtual machine image being run is Instant Veins 4.6 (which looks almost identical to Instant Veins 4.7.1).

For more information about the simulation being shown, see the Veins tutorial. A high level overview of Veins is given in the Veins documentation. Excellent tutorials, videos, and a comprehensive user manual of OMNeT++, the simulation framework used, are available on the documentation pages on the OMNeT++ website.


The software aggregated into the virtual appliance is made available under the terms of a number of Open Source licenses. For example, Veins is available under the terms of the GNU GPL 2+ with parts under LGPL. OMNeT++, however, is licensed under the academic public license, which grants rights similar to the GNU GPL, but only for non-commercial use. In general, this should still allow you to download, use, and distribute the contents of this virtual appliance in academic and educational environments. Instant Veins is based on Debian so this should impose no further restrictions. The binding legal texts of all licenses are distributed in the virtual applicance.

Instant Veins 4.7.1-i1

This is the second release of Instant Veins. It comes with the following software pre-installed and ready to run:

See the download page to download this virtual appliance.