The open source vehicular network simulation framework.


  • Based on 100% open source software offering unrestricted extensibility
  • Allows for online re-configuration and re-routing of vehicles in reaction to network packets
  • Relies on trusted vehicular mobility model and implementation done by Transportation and Traffic Science community
  • Relies on fully-detailed models of IEEE 802.11p and IEEE 1609.4 DSRC/WAVE network layers, including multi-channel operation, QoS channel access, noise and interference effects
  • Can include models for cellular networking, e.g., LTE
  • Can simulate city block level simulations in real time on a single workstation
  • Can be deployed on compute clusters for simulation in MRIP distributed parallel fashion
  • Can import whole scenarios from OpenStreetMap, including buildings, speed limits, lane counts, traffic lights, access and turn restrictions
  • Can employ validated, computationally inexpensive models of shadowing effects caused by buildings as well as by vehicles
  • Supplies data sources for a wide range of metrics, including travel time and emissions
  • Supported by solid and diverse user base from five continents